The Aquila School has 14 buses plying for students and has stocked 50 to 75 books in each bus. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai school has started to keep books for its students in buses. The Aquila School, located in Dubailand, launched the initiative on World Book Day on March 5. And the initiative — “Books on buses” — has been a hit.

“We have 14 school buses plying for students. We have stocked 50 to 75 books in each bus. Everyday after school, the children are excited to pick up their favourite author from the collection we have. Needless to say there is a big rush for the books. ‘Books on Buses’ gives our children another opportunity to immerse themselves in books from a variety of genres and enjoy them on their way to and from school,” said Eloise Charles, Year 2 teacher at The Aquila School, the brains behind this initiative.

The Aquila School has been at the forefront of instilling a book reading culture among its students. Image Credit: Supplied

“The Books on Buses initiative has been introduced with the aim of encouraging pupils using the designated school transport to immerse themselves in knowledge-seeking through reading books before they arrive at school or home,” she added.

According to Wayne Howsen, principal at The Aquila School, established in 2018, the institution has been at the forefront of instilling a book reading culture among its students — a move that continues to be supported by the ongoing regular library visits and an encouragement of reading. “Developing a love of reading — as well as learning the skills to read — is central to the work of our school. The Books on Buses project is an exercise that will also ensure that each student makes as much progress as possible while expanding their learning to higher levels in a fun, safe and conducive environment,” he added.