DUBAI: The Dubai Police’s non-emergency hotline 901 received 1,220,550 calls in 2019, marking a 25 per cent increase in the number of calls received in the year before, Dubai Police 901 Call Centre revealed.

According to Dr Major Muhammad Ali Al Hamoodi, Director of Dubai Police 901 Call Centre, the centre handled 5,67958 self-service calls and received 652,592 non-emergency calls - 89 per cent of which were answered within 20 seconds, thus surpassing the targeted index of 85 per cent.

Major Al Hamoodi explained that 497,577 of the incoming calls were received by the 901 centre, while 92,021 were to the ‘We Are All Police’ service, 32,169 were to the Technical Support, 28,922 were to the CID and 1,903 to the Anti-narcotics.

He added that the call centre had achieved 100 per cent in responding to the ‘Call-back’ requests, explaining that these calls are available through the help centre service via the Dubai Police smart app, where users can click an icon in the form of a question mark, and then choose the help centre to request a call-back.

Major Al Hamoodi said that the number of incoming calls to the call centre in 2019 increased by 25 per cent compared to 2018, attributing this increase to the high societal awareness of the importance of dialling 901 for non-emergency cases such as inquiries, feedbacks and complaints, and understanding the importance of keeping the emergency hotline 999 available for emergency cases only.