Middlesex University. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Middlesex University Dubai is launching a new British postgraduate law degree programme for its September 2023 intake. In response to legal industry and employer demands, the degree - LLM Legal Practice (SQE Pathway) - is specifically designed for UAE and international students who wish to qualify as solicitors in the England and Wales jurisdiction.

Along with gaining an advanced Master’s degree in Law, the one-year course enables students to simultaneously prepare for the Solicitors’ Qualifying Examinations (SQE1 and SQE2). These qualifications help students wishing to qualify as England and Wales solicitors. The programme has been specifically structured to align with the SQE examination dates, allowing those who wish to sit these during their LLM programme to do so. This provides students with the opportunity to both obtain a Master’s degree and qualify as solicitors of England and Wales in just one year. Those who qualify in this jurisdiction are highly sought after by employers of law professionals around the world, including in the UAE.

Delivered in collaboration with The College of Legal Practice, the University’s new LLM instills a deep understanding of legal practice, both in the UAE and across the globe to its students. All SQE-related modules will be taught using the College of Legal Practice’s online learning environment, providing a hybrid, flexible and immersive education experience. The course teaches students how to address complex legal issues both systematically and creatively and equips them with advanced knowledge in key areas of legal practice, such as International Arbitration and Litigation, Corporate Governance, and UAE and DIFC Employment Law.

The new programme offers professional development for a range of fresh graduates and legal professionals, including UK LLB graduates and Law graduates from other jurisdictions, current paralegals, those working in the legal industry, and foreign qualified lawyers.

Dr Daphne Demetriou, Campus Programme Coordinator – Postgraduate Law and Politics and Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai, said: “The new programme opens up a much-needed pathway for those in the Middle East who want to qualify as England and Wales solicitors. The hybrid learning techniques on the LLM Legal Practice have all been created alongside The College of Legal Practice, the vocational provider of SQE1 and SQE2 preparation, and it provides an effective way of making British higher education flexible and accessible to those across the Middle East.”

Students beginning the LLM Legal Practice (SQE Pathway) degree in September 2023 are eligible to apply for postgraduate grants.