Passengers at Dubai International Airport. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai International Airports passengers will no longer need a passport or boarding pass to travel from Dubai, thanks to a new biometric system that has been launched.

Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqiti, Assistant General Director of Airport Passport Affairs Sector, told Gulf News that passengers will not be required to show their passports or IDs as their passage through the airport, cleared by a biometric system, will be a seamless journey. In other words, passengers can walk through the terminal to the plane just by showing his or her face.

Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqiti

Al Shanqiti said that the latest biometric technology uses a mix of facial and iris recognition at Dubai airports which allows travellers to pass without using their passport or ID.

This system applies to all expats, Emiratis and visitors whose data has been registered with GDRFA since 2019.

All biometric information has been stored on the GDRFA system for future travels.

Seamless travel allows passengers to clear Passport Control in split seconds. Travellers can simply walk through the biometric system, without the need to have an exit stamp on their passports. Using facial recognition, the process helps them complete Passport Control formalities without the need for human intervention.

The newly developed smart systems at Dubai Airports are part of GDRFA-Dubai’s efforts to develop innovative smart services, in line with the leadership’s directives to integrate advanced technologies into all government services to enhance quality of life.

“Passengers can experience the most exciting and virtual biometric passenger journey in the world by using artificial intelligence,” Maj Gen Al Shanqiti said.

“We continue to improve our services with the latest technology and innovation and aim to provide a customer journey that is seamless and fast. We aim to make all counters smart,” he added.

He said in case the passenger is travelling to a country that requires the stamp on the passport, he or she can approach the control officer to get the needful.

Major General Al Shanqiti said the department also plans to increase the number of smart gates at all Dubai airports.

Currently, there are 122 smart gates and more than 12 million passengers used smart gates in 2022.

In the first phase, 50 per cent of passengers used smart gates during the year.

“We want Dubai airports to be the easiest and smoothest airport in the world with these smart counters,” he added.