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Inmate reunited with his son at an event in Dubai Central Jail Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: A Dubai inmate, who was sentenced to life in jail for murder, received a surprise visit from his son after 11 years of separation, an official said.

The British inmate, was attending the launch of new book written by different inmates inside Dubai central jail when officers planned to surprise him with a visit from his only son.

Brigadier Ali Shammali, Director of the Punitive and Correctional Establishments Department at Dubai Police, said that it was a heart-breaking moment when the father met his son after many years.

“The inmate was one of the writers who wrote a book entitled ‘Tomorrow, I will fly’. It was at the launch event at the central jail when we surprised him with a visit from his son who didn’t see him for many years,” said Brig Al Shammali.

When Dubai Police learnt that the inmate, who was spending life in jail sentence for murdering a woman back in 2008, has one child, they contacted his son to prepare the visit.

“His son was surprised and agreed to come to Dubai to meet his father after many years of separation. Both were happy to see each other after those years. Spreading happiness among inmates is part of police’s humanitarian initiatives,” Brig Al Shamali added.

According to police, the inmate hugged his son in a dramatic scene where everybody affected emotionally. The inmate and his son thanked Dubai Police for the reunion.