Artist Brook Yeshtila with one of his works. Image Credit: Courtesy: Instagram/Brook Yeshitila

Abu Dhabi: Brook Yeshtila, one of Africa’s most inspiring artists, is supporting The Reach Campaign, an awareness and fundraising initiative, by launching a series of paintings under the theme ‘The Sight’ in Dubai.

The gallery specifically aims to raise awareness on river blindness, a disease that currently affects over 200 million people in worldwide. Ten per cent of all sales from the online auction will be allocated to Reach until September 1, 2022. The online gallery was launched with a 49-piece exhibition at the Media One Hotel in Dubai Marina. Yeshtila said: “This showcase was a big challenge for me and it has created an amazing feeling in my heart. It’s been a lot of pain but I hope this inspires people around the world.”

The artist suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a rare form of arthritis that has immobilised his body, except his arms, since the age of 17. He has suffered from this condition for the past ten years and has redirected his energy, keeping an optimistic focus on his blessings, to protecting others from NTDs through his artwork.

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To purchase one of Brook Yeshitila’s artworks and contribute to Reach, please visit []

To make a direct donation to The Reach Campaign, text the word GIVE to 2424 or visit [] for more information