Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has transformed into an open-air art gallery for the second year. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: czz running, bringing back its DIFC Sculpture Park. The theme for this edition is “Tales Under the Gate”, and the park will remain open to the public from February 7 until September 30, 2023.

DIFC Sculpture Park provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with works of extraordinary artists from different countries and art movements. The DIFC Sculpture Park pushes the boundaries with the displayed artworks by encouraging a variety of mediums – including traditional sculptures and paintings through to video art. It also provides a global platform to new and upcoming artists to share their creativity with a wider audience. In addition, DIFC is already home to several leading galleries and art houses from around the world and the DIFC Sculpture Park is an innovative way to utilise its unique architecture and grounds as a public art space.

“Over the years, DIFC has established itself as a leading art hub, and bringing back the DIFC Sculpture Park for a second year reaffirms our commitment to supporting Dubai’s art and culture vision,” says Arif Amiri, CEO of DIFC Authority. “The park allows the public to experience both art and the landscape of DIFC in an immersive and unique way. DIFC Sculpture Park, under the theme of ‘Tales Under the Gate’ invites audiences to step outside of their day-to-day boundaries and open their minds to other realities and perceptions.”

During the event, well-established galleries, such as Firetti Contemporary, AWC Gallery, Leila Heller Gallery, Opera Gallery, Oblong Gallery, Belvedere Art Space and Zieta Studio, as well as independent artists will showcase their works.

Natalie Clark’s Spirit of Habtoor and Anthony Clark’s Love Dubai will be two of the many sculptural pieces exhibited that will offer the public a chance to get a unique photograph to share on their social media channels. Visitors will be offered the rare opportunity to view extraordinary works of Salvador Dali, including Woman of Time, which features the iconic Dalinian symbol – the melting clock.

Anthony James, whose works were some of the highlights of the November edition of DIFC Art Nights and have been featured in the movie, The Glass Onion, currently trending on Netflix, will have two works on display – 60” Icosahedron (Silver Birch Grey) and 50” Triacontahedron (Solar Black) 2020, which invite the viewer to take a moment for contemplative reflection amongst the geometric lines. Jeff Koons’ distinctive hand painted BMW Art Car, THE 8 X JEFF KOONS will also be on display for a limited time.

Other artworks include the vast and expressive Together by Lorenzo Quinn, previously installed in Giza, Egypt and now displayed in front of the DIFC Gate Building and local Emirati artist, Azza Al Qubaisi’s Between the Dunes, a work that pays homage to the natural landscape of the UAE using sustainable materials. Adonai Sebhatu’s intriguing installation Digital Self forms part of a selection of artworks presented in non-traditional media, along with Sertac Tasdelen’s Muqadarat, which will be projected onto a screen. Emre Yusufi’s playful Hercules the DJ will emerge from the grasses outside in the grounds of the Gate Building.

Spanning the area from the iconic Gate Building and through to Gate Avenue, DIFC Sculpture Park invites visitors to take a tour around the displayed works, both outside and inside the surrounding buildings of DIFC. The event is open to public, and entry is free of charge. School and university groups, art enthusiasts, art centres and galleries are encouraged to visit the park.

DIFC has a year-round calendar of art events scheduled for 2023, including celebrating the 15th edition of DIFC Art Nights, which will be running in the months of March and November 2023.