Dubai: Over 50,000 people from 36 countries benefited from over Dh2 million in Zakat Al Fitr contributions from the UAE last year, according to Dar Al Ber Society.

A total of 51,295 people benefited from Dh2,056,484 which was collected in the UAE through 12 locations in cooperation with 48 accredited charities. Dar Al Ber Society announced its latest collection effort on Friday and confirmed payment could also be made through the ‘Dubai Now’ App. The project covers the process of receiving Zakat — mandatory annual donations made by Muslims — and distributing it to beneficiaries who are entitled to it by Sharia within the UAE and abroad.

Mohammad Suhail Al Muhairy, member of the Board of Directors and the head of the social services sector in Dar Al Ber said Zakat Al Fitr is Dh20 per person. While Sharia suggests the day of Eid just before prayers is the best time to offer Zakat, it is legitimately permissible to pay a day or two before to allow for smooth distribution.