Dubai: A second wife was granted a divorce because her husband made her have sex with him and his first wife.

The Asian woman, who has a baby boy, was said to have agreed to be the man’s second wife and moved into the marital home thinking she would remain there for a temporary period.

The woman lodged her divorce claim before the Dubai Sharia Court contending that she could not fulfil what she described as her husband’s “abnormal and unacceptable sexual wishes”.

The second wife said her former husband used deceptive methods to talk her into having relations with him and his first wife, according to sources close to the case.

Court records said the husband, who is from a wealthy business family, convinced his second wife that she should share the house (with his first wife) until her own house was ready to move into.

“During the first months of their marriage, the claimant remained silent, hoping that she would move to her own residence soon. Soon after their marriage, the husband requested his second wife sleep with him and his first wife in the same bed. The claimant said her husband used to treat them fairly and spend equal amounts of money on them… but his sexual demands went beyond the extreme.

“The second wife reportedly satisfied her husband the first few weeks anticipating that it would be a tentative desire that would fade soon. The tentative desire became permanent … the second wife got pregnant and her expected house was never completed. Even after delivering a baby boy, the husband continued to coerce his second wife into the love triangle. Although the first wife was kind of cool to the arrangement, the second wife decided that it was enough and lodged her divorce lawsuit,” a source close to the case told Gulf News.

The Sharia Court granted the claimant a divorce and ordered the ex-husband to pay alimony to his son plus housing and a living allowance to his ex-wife and her child.

The judgement became irrevocable after it was upheld by the Appeal Court.