screengrab from twitter account of UAE public prosecution
A rendering of the UAE Public Prosecution office. Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: The Federal Public Prosecution has revealed in its annual report for the year 2022 that the total number of procedures it processed remotely was 362,161.

The report explained that the total number of grievances related to COVID-19 violations that were submitted through the remote grievance service, which is available through the website and UAE Public Prosecution smart app, reached 60,417.

The UAE Public Prosecution has - at its own discretion - and after thorough examination accepted or rejected requests, or amended the fine amount accordingly.

According to the report, which was published on its social media platforms, the Public Prosecution issued 7,285 penalty orders, and procedures were taken to enforce 104,755 judicial rulings. It also noted that the number of public prosecution lawsuits totalled 42,879, and the number of prosecution appeal lawsuits 8,970 while the cassation prosecution presented 1,689 legal opinions requesting appeals.

The report noted that case disposal ranged between 95 to 100 per cent, while conviction reached 100 per cent.

Public Prosecution also pointed out that 176,185 e-requests were processed and 13,519 remote investigations were carried out in 2022.

It offers over 50 services on its website and smart application, to meet the needs of customers in a timely and convenient manner.

The figures and statistics included in the report highlighted the keenness of the Public Prosecution to employ the latest technologies in its judicial work, to achieve excellence and advance judicial action, in line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership related to transparency and independence of the judicial system.