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Dubai: The UAE Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of a media figure for inciting hate speech and breaching public morals while covering the football match between the UAE and Iraq.

The Public Prosecution has also ordered the release of others but with a personal guarantee for also being part of committing the said crimes, reported Wam.

The Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes said it has investigated the matter and found out that the suspects have said words that violate public morals, harm the public interest, and provoke hate speech. The incident took place earlier last week on Abu Dhabi Sports TV before the live broadcast of the match.

The Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes stressed that these actions amount to crimes punishable by imprisonment for a period of no less than five years and a fine of no less for Dh500,000 or imprisonment and fine not exceeding Dh50,000.

The Public Prosecution stated that it received a complaint from the Abu Dhabi Media against the suspects, following video clips that were widely shared on social media, in which they appeared exchanging conversations before the live broadcast of the match on Abu Dhabi sports, uttering words and phrases that harm the public interest of the UAE.

The Public Prosecution investigated the accused and ordered the detention of one of them while others were released on personal bail. It also assigned the responsible technical authorities to determine how the hacking occurred, who carried it out, seized it and the tools they used. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Media Company terminated the services of the three media professionals as a disciplinary penalty for violating the media code of honour and the ethics of the media profession.