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Al Ain: Al Ain Criminal Court has sentenced to death an accused in retaliation for the premeditated murder of three members of his family, possession of two firearms and ammunition without permission from the competent authorities, possession and abuse of psychotropic substances.

The second defendant in the case was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the crimes of murder and illegal possession of firearms, and compelled to pay the victims’ diyyah (financial compensation paid to the heirs of a victim).

Regarding the details of the case, the first accused deliberately and premeditatedly killed the victims after preparing two firearms for this purpose, which he loaded with ammunition. He then went to their house and as soon as he knew that they were inside, burst into the home and opened fire in their direction hitting them in different parts of the body and caused them the injuries that cost them their lives, in collusion with the second accused and with his assistance.

Earlier disputes

The investigations of the police and the Public Prosecution into the crime showed that the first accused is an ex-convict who has already had disputes with his family over inheritance, and already threatened them with death. Before committing his crime, he contacted the second defendant and asked him to come to his house. When the second accused arrived, the first accused got into his car, taking the two firearms with him, then drove to the family home. Once there, the first accused got out of the car with his gun in hand and entered the hall shouting at the victims, and as soon as he saw them, he opened fire.

The documents of the case indicate that after the crime was committed, the two accused left the house taking with them the two weapons and the remaining ammunition, while the first accused informed the police that a shooting had taken place and waited near the scene of the crime until the arrival of the police officers to whom he confessed that he had killed the victims. When brought before the Public Prosecution, the accused admitted his crime as he admitted the charges against him in court and requested that retaliation be applied against him.

The documents as well as the irrefutable oral and technical evidence also showed that both accused perpetrated the crime, that the first accused did not contest the fact of having committed it, nor did the second accused deny his presence at the scene of the crime and the fact that he transported in his car the first accused and the weapons that were used to commit the murder.