Sharjah: The Sharjah Police have successfully apprehended an individual who exploited social media to promote illicit “massage services” aimed at extorting and stealing from unsuspecting victims.

Authorities have issued a stern warning regarding the dire consequences of engaging with such illegal services.

The Sharjah Police’s Criminal and Investigation Department took swift action in apprehending a suspect who specifically targeted women through social media platforms by advertising home massage services at suspiciously low prices.


The perpetrator, a man in his 40s of Arab nationality, utilised the Snapchat application to communicate with potential victims, coercing them into compromising situations for the sole purpose of blackmail and extortion.

The operation was initiated following an anonymous tip received by the operations room, which alerted authorities to the suspect’s activities. After verifying the accuracy of the information, dedicated law enforcement teams conducted a meticulously planned operation.

They successfully raided the specified location and caught the individual red-handed.

The perpetrator promptly confessed to his crimes, and the case has since been referred to the appropriate legal authorities.


The Sharjah Police underscored the various deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters to ensnare victims into unlicensed massage centers in the emirate. These tactics include indiscriminately distributing cards on the streets, placing them on vehicle doors, and leveraging fake social media accounts for promotion.

Victims who respond to these illegal services find themselves manipulated into compromising situations, subsequently subjected to threats and blackmail to extract money.

Sharjah Police reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to combatting detrimental societal phenomena that jeopardize community security and well-being.

They issued a stark warning regarding the severe repercussions of engaging with such illegal offers, emphasizing that individuals who do so not only expose themselves to legal consequences but also to the risk of theft and extortion.

Community members were urged to cooperate with authorities and promptly report any suspicious or illegal advertisements.

In an effort to maintain security and stability, Sharjah Police called upon all individuals to fulfill their social responsibility by cooperating with law enforcement agencies and reporting any suspicious activities.


To report behaviour contrary to the law, instances of fraud or threats, and cybercrimes, individuals were encouraged to contact the police via the following numbers:

  • Najid at 800151, 065943228, or
  • 065943228 (the number for monitoring or suspicion of any illegal activity)
  • WhatsApp at 0559992158

Najid at 800151, the number for monitoring or suspicion of any illegal activity at 065943228, or

WhatsApp at 0559992158.


Those with information regarding criminal phenomena or facts were urged to provide it via the toll-free number 80040.

The Sharjah Police remain steadfast in their mission to safeguard the community and ensure a secure environment for all residents.