Begging is punishable under Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested 67 beggars since Ramadan started on March 23, it was announced today.

As part of its anti-begging campaign, the General Department of Criminal Investigations, in collaboration with police stations, officials so far caught 31 men and 36 women begging in the holy month.

Colonel Ali Salem Al Shamsi, director of the Infiltration Control Department in the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said the ‘Begging is a Wrong Concept of Compassion’ anti-begging campaign aims to reduce the number of beggars and street peddlers “who exploit others’ sympathy”.

Security threat

Col Al Shamsi added that begging threatens the security and safety of society, properties, and the country’s image. He explained that begging is linked to serious consequences, such as thefts and robberies, and the exploitation of children, the sick, and people of determination for illegitimate gains. He emphasised that official entities, charities, and associations are available for individuals to seek financial assistance or obtain meals during Ramadan.

The director reminded the public that begging is illegal and punishable under Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 concerning combating begging.

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Col Al Shamsi urged the public not to respond to beggars’ pleas and assist the police by reporting any beggars immediately through the call centre 901, or the Police Eye service on the Dubai Police app.

He also warned the community against falling victim to fraudulent electronic messages from beggars on social media and email. He advised the public to ignore and report such messages through the e-Crime platform.