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Dubai: Two women accused of assaulting each other at a police detention centre went on trial at the Dubai Court of First instance on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old Moroccan defendant allegedly bit the finger of the 44-year-old Tunisian woman at Al Barsha Police Station in November 2018.

According to official records, the Moroccan woman, who was in prison over a financial issue, was crying after receiving a phone call from a relative when the Tunisian woman laughed at her. “She told me that I cry all the time and create a drama. I asked her to stop saying such things, but she spat on me. I spat back, but she dragged me by my hair and put her hand in my mouth, so I bit her finger,” she said.

The Tunisian woman claimed that the Moroccan was the one who spat on her and insulted her.

“She insulted me and I asked her not to speak with me. I was surprised when she held my hand and bit my finger. She cut my nail and a part of my finger,” the Tunisian testified.

Both women have been charged with physical assault and insult.

The trial has been posted for May 21.