Image Credit: AP

Dubai: A young traveller who was heavily drunk and caused a commotion on board an aircraft has been fined for destroying a stun gun when police tried to take him off the flight.

Records said Dubai Police’s Special Task Intervention Unit at Dubai International Airport removed the 22-year-old Saudi traveller, R.Y., because he had upset a number of passengers and acted rowdily shortly before the aircraft was due to take off. He also had a number of cuts to his wrist.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court fined R.Y. Dh2,000 for drinking alcohol and Dh2,000 for destroying the Taser gun.

The Saudi admitted to drinking alcohol but denied wrecking the stun gun.

The incident happened in July 2013 at 2.30am, according to police records, shortly after the defendant boarded the plane.

When officers sprang into action to take R.Y. off the flight, he reportedly swore at one of them and kicked him in the stomach. Records said the defendant also tore the upper pocket of the officer’s uniform.

The police officers said that the defendant was heavily drunk and destroyed the Taser gun when they tried to restrain him.

The defendant testified before prosecutors that he had been drinking alcohol at a hotel near the airport.

“I did not wreck the Taser gun or attempt suicide. On that day, I consumed liquor then went to the airport. Police stormed onto the plane and pulled me off but I do not remember what happened exactly because I was drunk. They placed me in a room,” he said.

When asked by prosecutors about the cuts on his wrist, the defendant said they were caused after he fell on a vase that he had been carrying.

“I don’t recall exactly what happened because I was drunk,” he said.

The suspect’s father was cited telling police that his son suffers from mental health issues. Occasionally he imagines people want to create trouble for him. He is being treated at a hospital in Saudi Arabia, he added.