Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Family Public Prosecution has referred the case of two teenagers accused of endangering the lives of the public for trial.

The accused — both aged 18 — allegedly pointed their laser pointer pens at a helicopter flying over a residential community.

While their action was prompted by a mere desire to play without any criminal intentions, it actually disturbed the pilot and endangered the lives of those on board the helicopter and the public living in the residential communities where the aircraft was passing through.

Police arrested the two and confiscated their laser pointers.


When questioned by prosecutors, they admitted their action and were sent to the juvenile care centre.

Yousuf Saeed Al Ibri, Abu Dhabi Acting Attorney General, said the action by the two suspects constituted a crime which entailed imprisonment or fine as per Article 348 of the Federal Penal Law. It is very important for juveniles to understand that innocent playing is one thing and endangering the lives and properties of the public is another, he said.

"People are asked not to play with laser pointers which became popular among teenagers. Such devices can severely damage eyes.

"Pointing them to individuals and properties endanger public safety and security and constitute a crime punished by law," Al Ibri added.