20220919 sharjah police
Sharjah Police Traffic and Patrol Department. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: An Iraqi woman whose sick husband racked up Dh80,000 in speeding fines in nine months has thanked Sharjah Police for their support in finding a solution to pay off the violations.

The 30-year-old artist, identified only by her initials M.H., told Gulf News that her husband, aged 46, had 35 speeding fines in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi on a rented car.

Police gave her hope for a discount on the fines as well as an easy payment plan.

The wife was worried about the condition of her husband who is suffering from hepatitis and neuropathy, which, she claimed, made him press harder on the car’s accelerator pedal without consciously meaning to do so.

The couple was not in a position to settle the full amount of the fines, so the woman approached Sharjah Traffic and Patrol Department. She also shared her husband’s medical reports proving his condition.

She said: “They were so helpful. They welcomed me warmly and treated me kindly. They took me to the office of the director who helped me. I thank from my heart Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Alay Al Naqbi, director of the Traffic and Patrol Department, and all staff who offered their help to solve the issue.”

As a gesture of her appreciation and gratitude to officers, the woman made a short animated Arabic video thanking Sharjah Police for their help.