bounced cheque
A total of 12,798 cases were settled amicably. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Sharjah: Sharjah Police helped settle bounced cheque cases and financial disputes worth almost Dh500 million during 2021.

A total of 12,798 cases were settled amicably. As many as 27,408 criminal cases were filed in 2021. They included 8,523 financial reports. The efforts succeeded in returning almost Dh500 million to their owners, without the need to refer these cases to the courts.

Colonel Yousf Obaid bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department of Sharjah Police General Command, said: “Finding amicable solutions can maintain relations between disputers. Sharjah Police is working on different initiatives for the benefit of community members.”

Colonel Yousf Obaid bin Harmoul

He added that the initiative, in its 11th year, has achieved its objectives of protecting the rights of institutions and individuals, and enabling them to recover their rights amicably, without the need to refer financial cases to the courts.

The director said the initiative, called ‘Reconciliation is the best way’, contributes to maintaining social relations between the conflicting parties before referring them to the Public Prosecution.

A number of beneficiaries of the initiative expressed their happiness as they were able to recover their money in a friendly manner.