Dubai: A security guard was sentenced to six months in jail for tapping a woman’s bum while she asked him for directions to a school.

The Dubai Court of First Instance incriminated the 22-year-old Pakistani defendant, Z.A., of sexual molesting the 22-year-old British woman, S.E.

He will be deported following the completion of his punishment.

The woman claimed that the incident happened when she went with her friend to look for directions to a school near Dubai Investment Park (DIP).

“I went to the management of DIP with my friend to ask for directions. I asked Z.A. to give me directions… he asked me to go into the office to show me a map. I walked behind him meanwhile my friend waited in her car. He took out a map from a drawer and gave it to me. I felt that he touched my bum… but I thought it was by mistake. I couldn’t find the address so he suggested showing me another map. Then he took out a booklet from the drawer and handed it to me… this time I felt he intentionally tapped my bum for a second time. Scared of him and because we were alone in the office, I walked out,” S.E. claimed to prosecutors.

Prosecution records said the defendant touched the woman’s bum for a third time while she was walking away from the desk. The Briton said Z.A. tried to talk her into staying so that he can show her another map.

“I hopped into my friend’s car and told her what happened. We reported the matter to the police who took the suspect for questioning. He confessed that he touched my back,” claimed the woman.