Dubai: A woman, who was locked in a room of a villa, said that Dubai police rescued her just 15 minutes after she dialled 999.

The Russian woman told Dubai Public Prosecution, that her Emirati friend locked her inside a room in a villa in Al Ghusais area after an argument.

“I was living with him in the villa for about four months. I was planning to leave the country and come back to change the visit visa. He was angry and threw my phone on me asking for pin code of my Facebook account. When I told him that I do not remember it, he physically assulted me,” the 24-year-old Russian visitor said in official records.

She tried to escape the house but he chased her and dragged her back to the room before slapping her. She suffered injuries on her left hand and right leg due to the assault.

“I fell asleep and woke up to find out that he wasn’t in the room. He locked the doors and I couldn’t escape from the window because of my injuries. I called Dubai police on 999 asking for help and after 15 minutes a police patrol came and rescued me,” she added.

The 21-year-old police officer testified that he was patrolling in the area on October 18 last year, when he was alerted about a problem in a villa.

He reached the villa and saw the victim waving to him. He alerted the ambulance and waited outside until another officer came and opened the door.

“She was locked inside the room. Paramedics transferred her to Rashid hospital,” the officer said.

However, the 30-year-old Emirati defendant summoned to police station for questioning. He went on trial accused of locking the woman inside the house and physically assaulting her, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard. He denied the charges against him, The case was adjourned as the man was given time to prepare the defence.