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Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A thief who stole a mobile phone was caught as the owner of the phone called him when he happened to have been stopped by a policeman in Dubai over a random check.

The thief was confused when the policeman stopped him in Al Quoz as the owner of the phone kept ringing on his number.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the policeman asked the thief to answer the calls and put the phone on speaker.

The thief was arrested as the policeman heard the phone owner claiming it is his phone and that it was stolen.

The victim said in records that he was walking home with a friend when a group of people attacked them with a knife.

“My friend injured his finger and shoulder and I lost my mobile phone and cash of Dh10,000,” said the victim in records.

The victim was transferred to the hospital for treatment while policemen were dispatched to the area to look for the attackers.

One of them said that he stopped the defendant because he was walking suspiciously and his phone was ringing many times.

“I asked him to answer the call and put the phone on speaker. The victim spoke and said it is his phone,” said the policeman.

The defendant was arrested and the victim was summoned to the police station to collect his phone and identify the defendant.

The thief admitted to his act.

The court sentenced the defendant to three years in jail, to be followed by deportation.