Dubai: Two people accused of causing the death of a maid who was locked up in an apartment were acquitted by a Dubai court on Wednesday.

The victim, whose age and nationality were not disclosed, was locked up in an apartment used as an office in a building in Al Muraqabbat. The woman jumped from the third floor and died. A medical report showed that the deceased had suffered severe head injuries and internal bleeding.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged a 64-year-old Syrian businessman and a 40-year-old Egyptian woman, with illegally locking up the maid which prompted the victim to jump from the third floor.

The Syrian defendant denied the charge and told the judges that the maid had been working for his company where the incident happened, but had moved to work for another employer.

“I wasn’t at the office at the time of the incident,” said the defendant in court.

He claimed that he didn’t know she had returned to work for them or that she was at the office.

“I didn’t order to lock her up inside the apartment. Around 10am that day, I received a call from one of the employees telling me the maid had committed suicide,” he added.

The Egyptian defendant denied the charge too.

During the investigation, a company employee told prosecutors that the female defendant was the one who locked the door with the maid inside.