The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department made a paradigm shift in the completion of registration transactions and judicial requests remotely through the smart and electronic systems of the litigation system, with nearly one million transactions during 2022. This included the registration of judicial files and related requests before, during and after trading, as well as requests completed automatically using the smart systems.

Counselor Youssef Saeed Al-Abri, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, confirmed that the record figure in completing transactions related to judicial requests at various stages of litigation, through modern and advanced technologies.

Statistics showed the completion of 642,319 applications, electronic registration of 148,595 judicial files and instant acceptance of 145,845 applications through the smart systems.

Statistics of the case management system showed a nine per cent increase in transactions compared to 2021.

The service channels for filing lawsuits, submitting requests and deliberations include the website, law firms, as well as typing offices.

Litigants can also benefit from the services of the case system according to their classifications, as special services are available for the category of individuals, services for the agent or legal representative, services for lawyers, and others.