Dubai: A Ukrainian woman, serving a life sentence for killing a prostitute in 1999, has been granted early release to attend her daughter’s wedding.

The convict was 28-years old when the Dubai Court of First Instance found her guilty of the premeditated murder of a Russian prostitute.

A 21-year-old Yemeni policeman she was allegedly having an affair with was also convicted and jailed for life.

The incident happened on February 8, 1999, and the convicts have been detained even since.

According to records, the couple lured the prostitute to a flat and killed her, stuffed her body in a bag, tossed it from the balcony, and kept it beside a waste dump.

In July 2000, the Dubai Cassation Court confirmed the life imprisonments for premeditated murder associated with theft (prostitute’s belongings), disposing her corpse, having consensual sex and drinking liquor.

After completing more than 15 years of their sentences, the couple lodged a special plea before the Court of First Instance seeking pardon and early release.

“My daughter was five when I came to Dubai to earn a living; she is 24 now. I could not see her at school and when she graduated from college. I was not there to feed her, dress her and raise her. She is about to get married now. I’ve been in prison for 18 years and all I am asking for is mercy and to be granted early release so I can attend my daughter’s wedding and spend the rest of my life with her,” the Ukrainian woman told the court.

“The court has decided to approve the petitioners’ request for an early release. They will be released immediately,” presiding judge Mohammad Jamal said on Tuesday.

The two convicts were seen raising their hands and thanking God following the court’s decision to release them.

The couple had lodged their pleas for a pardon and an early release before the court after having completed more than 15 years behind bars at the Dubai Central Jail.

The duo based their petitions on Article 1/45 of the Federal Law No. 43 of 1992, concerning regulating punitive and correctional establishments.

The law stipulates that a convict who has completed 15 years of a life sentence is entitled to file a special petition to be released.

The petitioners obtained good behaviour certificates and recommendations for their release issued by the management of Dubai Central Jail, according to records.

The couple were involved in a sexual affair before they lured the Russian deceased to a flat in Al Rifaa area where they battered her head with a wooden stick and asphyxiated her with a piece of cloth.

Then they wrapped the cloth around her neck, put her body in a huge plastic bag that they had brought for the purpose and threw it from the balcony.

Then they went down, dragged the body bag, kept it beside a waste dump and absconded after they stole her belongings.

The Ukrainian woman mentioned: “My daughter has been deprived of the love of her parents for 18 years. She has suffered a lot since I was imprisoned … I have lost everything in my life and I do not want the same to happen to her. I wholeheartedly beseech you to be humane and compassionate with her since I was the one who tormented her with my recklessness. I beg you to pardon me and allow me to be with her on her wedding day … she is waiting for me impatiently.”

The Yemeni convict also provided the court with a written plea, in which he asked to be pardoned so he could be reunited with his family and sick mother.