An Indian woman in her 30s was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her apartment in the Al Ghusais area, according to a top Criminal Investigation Department (CID) official.

The mother of two — a son and a daughter in primary school — hanged herself last Thursday in the kitchen when the children were in an adjoining room, Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, CID director, said.

No criminal motive

Forensic experts confirmed it was a suicide and ruled out any criminal motive.

The woman, who was living with her husband and the children, was believed to have recently refused to go back home to Kerala for the summer as her husband wished, Brig Al Mansouri said.

“The husband had told us that his wife did not want to travel, but he did not mention if there was any other dispute with her.”

Brig Al Mansouri said the husband will not face any charges.

“Even if the suicide was the result of a dispute, there’s nothing that can be held against the husband,” he said.

The incident took place when the husband had apparently stepped out for some last-minute requirements before the family left to catch their flight to Kerala on Thursday evening, a distant relative told Gulf News.

Shocking sight

When he returned, the husband saw the children watching TV. When there was no answer from the wife for a long time, he forced open the kitchen door and found her hanging.

“They were supposed to go home that evening. They had not gone for two years,” the relative said.

Apparently, the woman was not keen on travelling this time as well. However, the relative said he did not know the reason why.

He added that the woman’s family members and friends were still in shock and baffled at what could have led her to take the extreme step.

“They don’t have any financial issues. We know them as a happy family. We had met them a couple of months back and nothing seemed wrong,” he said.

He added that the woman could have been depressed.

The husband’s brothers and their families also live in the UAE.