Abu Dhabi: In a bid to prevent cyber attacks on the UAE’s critical infrastructure, Masdar Institute for Science and Technology is collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to improve research on the subject.

During the two-year project, the Abu Dhabi power system will be handled as a case study in order to better explore the system and any potential shortcomings, the Masdar Institute said.

“Through Masdar Institute’s ongoing research efforts, greater emphasis is being placed on the protection of critical infrastructure sites by enhancing cybersecurity … The collaboration with MIT will also help to identify competency gaps, generate critical mass between the faculty and develop human capital in the niche area of cybersecurity,” Dr Fred Moavenzadeh, president of Masdar Institute, said.

Gulf News had earlier reported that the GCC is one of the main targets of cybercriminals. Meanwhile, experts called for getting more students interested in the field of cybersecurity, especially as the UAE government gears towards becoming electronically based. IT professionals have also revealed in previous statements that hackers are becoming more advanced in the type of breaches they are performing.

A study conducted by American defence contractor Raytheon showed that 65 per cent of Mena employers wish to hire more experienced cybersecurity experts.