Dubai: A man has been accused of stealing Dh7,700 from a woman he met on a dating app and invited to his hotel room, a court heard on Thursday.

The Dominican woman, 28, set up a profile on the dating app WhosHere, through which she matched with the Jordanian, 27, a visitor in Dubai.

In September, the Abu Dhabi-based woman accepted the visitor’s invitation to dinner and met him at a hotel.

The woman left her ID at the reception and went up to the room to meet the man, who asked to have sex with her, which she refused.

As she was about to leave the room, the Jordanian snatched her purse, taken the money from it and then locked himself up in the bathroom.

After failing to convince him to return her money, the woman rushed down to the lobby and notified the hotel’s security guard. The guard accompanied her back to the room and when the duo failed to resolve the matter amicably, the woman called the police, who apprehended the Jordanian.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of stealing Dh7,700 from the woman.

The accused entered a not guilty plea, when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday, presenting a written defence to presiding judge Habib Awad.

The complainant testified to prosecutors: “We matched on the dating app WhosHere. He asked to meet me after an hour and I came from Abu Dhabi. When I went up to his room, he asked me if I had any money but I refused to give him any. Then he asked to have sex with me and I refused. When I tried to leave the room, he pulled me back into the room by force. He snatched my bag, stole the money and locked himself in the bathroom. I reported the matter to the hotel’s security and then called the police.”

The Indian security guard claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened at 1.30am.

A ruling will be heard on December 27.