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Dubai: A Pakistani employee at Emirates Post has been accused of stealing 100 Emirates IDs and selling them for Dh3,800, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

In September 2018, Emirates Post noticed some Emirates IDs missing at their branch at Al Karama.

The Emirati head of security later testified that security cameras recorded the 30-year-old Pakistani defendant enter the room where the IDs had been stored and then turned off the lights before stealing a batch of Emirates IDs.

“He stole the IDs three times and hid it under his clothing and left the room. He thought by turning off the lights, the cameras would not record his movements,” the 41-year-old Emirati man said in official records.

Dubai Police arrested the defendant who confessed that his Pakistani friend encouraged him to steal 100 IDs and then sold them to a countryman who in turn sold them to a Bangladeshi man.

The second defendant sold the cards to the third defendant for Dh100 per card. He, in turn, sold the Emirates IDs to a fourth defendant for Dh105.

The Pakistani employee and three other defendants went on trial charged with theft, criminal abetting and obtaining stolen items.

The trial has been posted to May 21.