Dubai: A man accused of resisting arrest and biting a policeman’s fingers when he tried to handcuff him has gone on trial.

The 42-year-old Filipino, however, denied the charge when he appeared before the Court of First Instance on Sunday.

According to records, the incident happened on July 4 last year when a man arrested by police told officers that he used to buy drugs from the defendant.

“He told us that he bought crystal meth from the defendant. We went to arrest him in his building at Al Quoz and found him standing in front of it. He tried to flee and resisted arrest when we caught him. He bit the fingers on my right hand,” an Emirati officer said.

The defendant has been accused of hitting the officer on his left hand, then biting his right hand in a bid to loosen his grip so he could escape.

“We controlled him, but couldn’t find any drugs in his possession,” the officer said.

The defendant was taken to a lab where tests revealed he was under the influence of drugs.

He was charged with consuming drugs and assaulting a police officer.

The defendant remains in custody and the judge has adjourned the case for a verdict on February 24.