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Dubai: A man went on trial before the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of threatening to blow up his family’s house with a gas cylinder when his mother asked his friend to leave the house.

The 32-year-old jobless Omani defendant admitted to threatening his Emirati mother because he was angry. He also admitted to damaging the rear windows of two cars belonging to his sister. But he initially denied stealing Dh23,000 belonging to his sister from the house.

“I was angry and I’m sorry. I didn’t commit a robbery,” the defendant said in the courtroom.

According to official records, the defendant arrived at his family house at Al Rashidiya with his friend when his mother asked the friend to leave the house for unknown reasons.

“He was angry and damaged the two cars belonging to my daughter. He held a gas cylinder and threatened to blow it up inside the house,” the 55-year-old Emirati mother said in records.

The mother and the rest of her family members left the house and returned only on the next day to find the doors of the villa open and two cars belonging to the daughter damaged.

The mother also checked the safe in her daughter’s room and found that it was broken into and Dh23,000 was missing.

The incident was reported to Dubai Police who arrested the defendant and found the money in his possession.

The defendant presented a waiver from his mother at the courtroom.

The verdict is expected on June 27.