Dubai: Man who assaulted and threatened two policemen for waking him up after he fell asleep in the garden of a resident’s villa, has been jailed for three months.

A Pakistani resident had discovered a strange man sleeping in the garden of his Al Rifaa villa at night in June before he called the police.

A police patrol was instantly dispatched to the villa to wake up the stranger who turned out to be under the influence of drugs.

When the policemen woke up the 36-year-old man, from Comoros Islands, he assaulted the two policemen and the landlord.

The accused beat and pushed the policemen and then walked into the villa, picked up a candlestick that he used to threaten the policemen.

Policemen then restrained the defendant and took him into the custody.

On Thursday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 36-year-old accused of assaulting the two apprehending officers and threatening them.

Presiding judge Habib Awad said the accused, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

One of the assaulted policemen said the Pakistani resident reported that a stranger had fallen asleep in his garden.

“We went to check out on the man. Once we entered the garden, we saw the accused sleeping … he seemed in an unusual condition and slept on the grass. When I woke him up, he turned physically violent. He assaulted me and my partner when we tried to take him out. He then pushed the Pakistani man and stormed into his villa … he threatened us with a candlestick. We called for backup once he locked himself in one of the rooms. Then we broke into the room and apprehended him,” he said.

The accused was tried before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court for using a mind affecting substance and trespassing.

Thursday’s ruling remains subject to appeal.