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Sharjah: A man, who was accused of defaming and spoiling the reputation of his wife after he claimed he had caught her cheating on him, has been cleared by the Sharjah Criminal Court.

The man, in his 30s, testified that he caught his wife, in her 20s, having an illegal relationship with another man.

He had produced pictures and chats with another man on her mobile phone.

Earlier, the man had approached his father-in-law to make an out-of-court settlement for the sake of his two kids, aged six and nine.

The wife’s father apparently asked him [the husband] to send him all the pictures and chats so he could take necessary action. But the husband was shocked that the father went to court and lodged a complaint, accused him of fabricating the photos with the intention of spoiling the reputation of his daughter.

The court, which looked into the case, subsequently cleared the husband of the charges.

The wife and her father have appealed against the court verdict.