Dubai: A man went on trial accused of blackmailing a job seeker by threatening to publish indecent videos of her unless she had sex with him, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

The 31-year-old Indian defendant deceived the woman, who sent him a video of her having a shower naked.

He then threatened to publish the video online unless she had sex with him or paid him Dh2,000.

According to official records, the pair met on the WeChat application in October of last year, as the defendant posed as a Frenchman.

“He gave me a different name and told me that he is French. I send him my picture and then a video of me having a shower naked. Our relationship developed over WeChat and I told him that I’m looking for a job,” the 39-year-old Filipina said in court records.

He told her that he would send her a number of his secretary in order to send her resume.

She sent her resume to the alleged secretary, but it was actually the defendant.

“He asked to have sex with me and I refused and told him that I’m in a relationship with his French manager."

She added: "He told me that both are the same person and that he deceived me. He asked me to have sex with him and I refused, but then he blackmailed me saying he needed Dh2,000 or he will publish the video online.”

The victim alerted officers at Bur Dubai police station.

Police officers arrested the defendant and confiscated his two phones, which included the conversation between the couple and the video of her having a shower naked.

The defendant confessed to threatening and blackmailing the victim for money and denied asking her to have sex with him.

A verdict will be issued on February 28. The defendant remains in custody.