Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeal acquitted a 58-year-old clerk of groping a woman shopper at a Dubai mall.

The Dubai Court of First Instance had found the man innocent last November and the Appeal Court now upheld the verdict.

The Egyptian woman shopper was said to be spending a day out at the mall with her husband and children in August 2018.

As the woman was pushing the shopping trolley along with her son, she felt a hand, according to records, groping her in the back in an indecent manner.

The woman notified her husband, who followed the man whom he accused of groping his wife and called the police.

The man denied the charge and said it happened by mistake as the mall was very crowded.

The Egyptian shopper said, “My husband and son were taking photos with circus performers. I was with my other child pushing the trolley when someone touched my back. I turned around and saw the suspect walking away. He didn’t say a word. I told my husband what happened and he chased him. When he stopped the suspect, the latter said it happened by mistake because of the crowd. We called the police who apprehended the suspect,” she claimed to prosecutors.