A view of Dubai Courts. A Filipina house maid is facing charges in the court for stealing money from her sponsor. Image Credit:

Dubai: A Dubai resident installed security cameras inside his house to catch his maid stealing money red-handed after seven years of continues thefts.

The Dubai Court of First Instance was told that the 45-year-old Filipina maid, who worked for the resident at his villa in Al Barsha, stole around Dh20,000 from her sponsor until she was caught lifting money from his wallet. “She stole money from my wallet for seven years. Recently she stole Dh17,000 from my wallet and Dh3,000 from my wife,” said the victim in official records.

The couple didn’t have any proof against the maid and decided to install security cameras inside the house. “I saw her stealing money repeatedly,” the victim added.

The sponsor reported the theft to Al Barsha Police station. According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the maid admitted of stealing Dh1,000.

A verdict expected on December 27.