Dubai Courts
The man facade of the Dubai Courts. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Two brothers were sentenced to life in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance for murdering their nephew upon discovering that he had a sexual affair with one of their wives.

The two Pakistani defendants, aged 42 and 49, were charged with premediated murder of their nephew, in his 30s, by striking his head with a hammer and burying him in the desert in Jebel Ali.

According to official records, the murder took place in February 2018, but the body was found in June 2019.

Illegal affair

“The defendants discovered that the victim was having an illegal affair with the wife of the first defendant in their home country. They planned to bring the victim to the UAE to kill him,” a 30-year-old Emirati police officer said in records.

The defendant admitted that they found a job for the victim in the UAE and planned to take revenge after a few months.

The defendants invited the nephew for dinner to their residence before taking him to a deserted area in Jebel Ali.

"They tied him up and the first defendant asked him if he had had sex with his wife, to which he admitted," the police officer added.

The first defendant struck the victim with a hammer twice on the head and then strangled him with a rope before they put the body in a bag and buried him in the desert.

The victim was then recorded as missing.

When the police discovered the body, they tried to get in touch with the uncles. The second defendant admitted to the crime and was arrested on the same day.

But the first is still at large.

The court ordered to deport the defendant after serving his jail term.

However, the verdict will be subject for appeal within 15 days.