Dubai: A housemaid has been jailed for six months for stealing Dh115,000 in cash and valuables from her sponsor who discovered the stolen items hidden in her room following an electric short circuit.

The Emirati sponsor had an electric short circuit that required maintenance teams to come over and repair the problem in August.

While watching the electricians doing maintenance works in the housemaids’ bedroom, the sponsor saw a bag full of cash.

Few days later, the 30-year-old Indonesian housemaid and her co-worker were taken to clean the house of the sponsor’s daughter.

The daughter checked housemaids’ bedroom during their absence and discovered that the bag contained stolen Euros and valuables that belonged to her and her husband.

The Emirati called the police who apprehended the 30-year-old Indonesian after she admitted that she stole the cash and valuables.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Indonesian defendant of stealing Dh72,000 in cash and Dh43,000 in valuables.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal said the accused, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

The sponsor’s daughter said they discovered that the defendant had robbed them when maintenance workers came to repair the bedroom.

The ruling remains subject to appeal.