Dubai: An executive was accused of sending a blasphemous text message cursing Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to his colleague who took the opportunity to perform Umrah during a business trip in Saudi Arabia.

Prosecutors accused the British executive, D.M., 35, of sending text messages to the mobile phone of his countryman, K.S., 34, in which he insulted Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and used foul and inappropriate language.

K.S. told police that D.M. became agitated because he headed off to perform Umrah after they had finished their scheduled business meetings. He claimed that D.M. told him at the airport that prayer and Umrah were not part of their company’s rules and regulations.

The suspect, however, strongly denied the accusations levelled against him and pleaded not guilty when he defended himself before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court.

According to the charges sheet, prosecutors said D.M. blasphemed and insulted Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by sending offensive and discourteous messages. He was additionally accused of abusing the telecommunication system and cursing K.S.

K.S. told police during questioning: “On March 11, D.M. and I went on a business trip to Saudi Arabia. When we finished our meetings, the suspect said he would stay at the hotel. I told him that I was heading to perform Umrah. While we were at the airport travelling back to Dubai, he asked me why I performed the Umrah. I asked him why shouldn’t I have gone… I said that I went in my free time and prayed and performed the Umrah. He said prayers and Umrah are not part of our company’s policy. Then I resigned on March 15. On March 17 around 1:15am, I received offensive messages from D.M.’s mobile phone.”

When questioned by prosecutors, the suspect denied sending any offensive messages to K.S’ mobile phone.

“I was asleep at the time when the messages were sent. I was surprised when I saw the texts… maybe someone else must have abused some sort of technology or computer programmes and forwarded those SMSs,” the defendant told prosecutors.

The suspect’s lawyer will present his defence when the court reconvenes next month.