Fujairah The Appeal Court in Fujairah has upheld the death sentence imposed on an Emirati man for murder.

A judiciary official also confirmed the killer will first receive 80 lashes for a charge of consuming alcohol when he committed the fatal stabbing.

The verdict was pronounced by Presiding Judge Abdullah Al Salami Monday.

Officials said the family of the victim refused to accept a blood money offer to pardon the man, insisting instead on justice for their son.

Took place at a wedding

The 22-year-old Arab victim was stabbed two years ago in the Al Mudhab area of Fujairah at a wedding.

A fight broke out after the victim got into a heated argument with the 28-year-old Emirati. Other guests at the wedding had desperately tried to stop the dispute.

The Emirati man ran to his car, grabbed a knife, and stabbed the victim several times in the chest, back and body.

Fled the scene

The victim was rushed to Fujairah hospital, where he died a few hours later.

The attacker fled the scene but Fujairah police arrested him within minutes.

Investigations revealed that the Emirati man already had a criminal record for rape.

The killer had attempted suicide in prison, but wardens stopped him, officials confirmed.

If upheld by the Ruler, the sentence will be carried out within months.