A smart phone. Picture for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai saleswoman in a telecom company has been accused of forging documents to steal smart phones worth Dh1.4 million.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday that the 31-year-old Pakistani woman stole 496 smart phones between January 2014 and September 2015.

The company, based in Dubai, didn’t discover the scam until an internal audit found 92 customers had failed to pay their instalments on the phones.

“The customers who took the phones had no documents in the system. She was the one who sold the phones and packages to them through her user name and password,” a 35-year-old Emirati internal audit manager said in the records.

“She was responsible to enter the customers’ data in the system and activate the SIM cards,” he added.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the defendant used her power to enter data of 286 fake individuals to steal the phones.

The first payment of instalment was deducted from two credit cards which prosecution found belonged to the defendant.

Prosecution said the defendant registered special numbers under her name but its not clear whether she sold the numbers to others or not.

It is not clear why the case took a long time to reach the court.

The woman was charged with forging data of 286 fake people to get SIM cards and stealing 496 smart phones worth Dh1.4 million.

The defendant denied the charges. The next trial is on March 1.