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Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A man has been sentenced to three years in jail for attempting to kill his girlfriend.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 33-year-old defendant stabbed his countrywoman with a knife while she was going to sleep inside their shared accommodation.

According to official records, Dubai Police received an emergency call about the stabbing incident inside a sharing apartment in Refaa area.

The woman was bleeding from her neck and shoulder but she survived the attack after receiving quick treatment.

The victim claimed that she has been a resident in the country for two years and that her relationship with the defendant developed as he promised to marry her.

“We were living in a sharing apartment and he promised to find a job for me. He promised to marry me and was covering the daily expenses. He managed to get a residency visa issued to me for an agreed sum of Dh8,000. I paid him Dh5,000 with a promise to pay the rest of the money later,” the woman said in official records.

He kept asking her to pay her debt and attacked her with a kitchen knife one night in January.

“He stabbed me three times in the neck and shoulder. He escaped and I yelled for help.”

Her neighbour, who heard her, reported the incident to Dubai Police.

The neighbour testified that he was in the next room watching TV when he heard the victim yelling for help.

“I saw her in a pool of blood. She showed me a picture of her friend and said that he was the one who stabbed her. He was with her in the same room,” said the neighbour in official records.

The defendant was arrested in Ajman and transferred to Dubai Public Prosecution. He was a staying illegally in the country after his visa had expired.

During interrogation, the defendant admitted to stabbing the woman and claimed that he used to love her and intended marrying her but had discovered she was in love with someone else.

He said that both had a dispute for failing to pay his money and stabbed her with a knife.

He was charged with attempted murder.

The court sentenced the defendant to three years in jail to be followed by deportation.