Image Credit: Dubai Police/Facebook

Dubai: The Dubai Police General Command has warned members of the public against hiring runaway domestic workers, especially during Eid and other occasions, as they could pose a serious risk to society.

The police also urged the community members to immediately report absconding domestic workers to maintain the security and stability of the community.

Colonel Ali Salem, Director of the Infiltrators Department at Dubai Police, said they arrested 948 runaway domestic workers of different nationalities since the beginning of Ramadan as part of a campaign they had launched against all types of violators who breach the employment contract for domestic workers.

Colonel Salem also pointed out that the campaign is ongoing throughout the year. However, they intensify efforts during the holy month as the number of domestic workers' employment contract violators increases.

"Runway domestic workers can pose a security risk to society and their employing families. They choose to escape from their sponsors to work at different households under fake names and without legal documents and get paid hourly to increase their income in a short period," explained Salem.

He urged the public to report runaway domestic workers immediately and avoid hiring them.  "It can be difficult to track absconding domestic workers in case a crime is committed, which is why families can be put at risk," added Salem.