Dubai: Dubai Police rescued a 17-year-old girl who was forced to work in a brothel to support her family, a court heard on Wednesday.

The Bangladeshi girl, identified as S.A., arrived in the UAE on February 2018, on a visit visa issued by her countryman after he got her a passport with her age as 25 years.

The Bangladeshi defendant, 44, raped the girl before putting her in a brothel with a promise of sending Dh1,500 per month to her mother and sisters in their home country.

On September 2018, the police set a trap, arrested the defendant and rescued the girl.

The victim said that she accepted to work in flesh trade from a flat at Al Ghusais area.

“He got me issued a passport saying I was 25, and was waiting for me in Dubai. He moved me from one flat to another, getting up to five customers a day for Dh200 each. I used to hand over the money to him, and he was transferring Dh1,500 per month to my mother,” the girl said.

An Emirati officer at the Human Trafficking Department in Dubai Police, said they sent an undercover policeman to the flat. The policeman saw the victim inside the flat with six other women and gave a signal to the police unit who raided the flat and rescued the girl.

The defendant denied the charges on Wednesday. The next hearing will be on February 20.