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The boy’s family had sought Dubai Police’s help to rescue their son after he was trapped into consuming illegal substances. Image Credit: i stock

Dubai: Hemaya International Centre of Dubai Police successfully treated 458 drug addiction patients last year, besides supporting the commitment of 543 others to get a periodic evaluation.

Revealing these figures, Colonel Abdulla Al Khayat, Director of Hemaya International Centre of Dubai Police, told Gulf News that the support ranged from referring cases to rehab centres to helping counsel families and strengthen family bonding. 

He also revealed how Dubai Police recently rescued a young boy from drug addiction.

The boy’s family had sought Dubai Police’s help to rescue their son after he was trapped into consuming illegal substances.

Col Al Khayat said the centre received a call from the family saying their son was very hyper and was behaving abnormally.

An examination was done and it turned out that he was consuming drugs.

“The son had been lured into drug addiction by his peers after he met a group of people outside his school. Addiction had put his future and his academics at risk,” Col Al Khayat said.

Colonel Abdulla Al Khayat

“We studied his case and provided the necessary support. The first thing we got the family to do was change his school and also monitor him closely. We brought the boy under our care for about three or four years, and he cooperated with us. He used to come and say his old friends were annoying him on social media, so all accounts were closed. At the rehabilitation centre, he changed his friends and lifestyle too.”

Col Al Khayat said, “As long as there is a connection between the mother, father and son, it was okay because whenever he had a problem, he could talk to them. That is very important.”

The boy’s condition gradually improved due to the proactive role played by his family under Hemaya Centre’s guidance. Col Al Khayat said that the centre was ready to help people come out of drug addiction, provided they were willing to turn themselves in to the police. “There should be trust between parents and their children. Parents can call Hemaya International Centre for help and avail free services,” Col Al Khayat added.

Article 89 of the Anti-Narcotics Law spares addicts from legal punishment if they voluntarily give themselves up to the police. The law also makes it binding on addicts to hand over all drugs they have in possession and receive treatment. Addicts face legal charges if they refuse to get treated.

The Hemaya International Centre carries out multiple educational programmes for the youth, aiming to raise awareness about the hazards of drug abuse.