Dubai: Dubai Police are launching their annual anti-begging campaign to catch beggars and cope with the illegal practice during Ramadan, which is likely to begin on April 2.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jalaf, head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), said the campaign will help reduce the number of beggars in the emirate.

“Around 458 beggars were arrested in the campaign during last Ramadan, including 311 males and 147 females from different nationalities. We would be increasing the number of patrols during the holy month across Dubai,” Brig Al Jalaf said.

“Beggars take advantage of people’s generosity, especially during Ramadan. The campaign will be in cooperation with different government bodies.”

New tactics

Dubai Police urged community members to help tackle begging during Ramadan. Officials said beggars are also using online tactics by sending emails and messages on social media with fabricated stories to scam residents in parting with their money.

“Registered charities do not hesitate to help needy citizens and residents alike. Individuals begging in public places and streets is completely unacceptable and punishable by law,” he added.

Moreover, Colonel Ali Salem, Director of Infiltrators Department at Dubai Police, called upon people not to be sympathetic to beggars, saying they should donate to registered charities instead.

“People can report beggars on the toll-free number 901, or through the ‘Police Eye’ service, or via E-Crime platform,” Col Salem said.

Dubai Police said that beggars are using online begging tactics by sending messages and emails through social media platforms with fabricated stories to get the money.