Dubai Court
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Dubai housewife established that her maid stole Dh82,000 from her after marking her money and setting a trap.

The 63-year-old Emirati housewife told Dubai Court of First Instance that she discovered her money missing in small amounts several times.

She marked some banknotes with the ‘4’ sign and kept them in her bag inside her bedroom. Sure enough, the money was gone, following which she confronted two of her maids.

“Both denied stealing the money until one of them admitted taking it from my bag. She brought the money and I saw the mark on it. She confessed that she was stealing small amounts of cash on and off,” said the Emirati housewife in official records.

The maid had stolen a sum of Dh82,000 in total.

The housewife checked her jewellery and discovered some items were missing. “The maid admitted that she stole gold jewellery worth Dh100,000 and had transferred the same to her home country,” she added.

The Emirati housewife alerted Dubai Police who arrested the 26-year-old Filipina defendant.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the defendant admitted to stealing the money and wiring the amount to her home country through an exchange house.

Money transfer receipts were recovered from the defendant.

The verdict in the case is expected on November 9.