The accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported following the completion of his punishment. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A man stands accused of sexually abusing a masseuse while under the influence of alcohol, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old Indian defendant is alleged to have touched the victim’s breast while she was standing outside her place of work in International City at around 6pm in the evening in February of this year.

The 34-year-old Thai masseuse pushed the defendant away but he assaulted her and knocked her to the ground.

“I was working in a women’s salon and was outside it when I saw the defendant,” said the victim. “He was unstable when he approached me; I think he was drunk. He touched my breast and I pushed him away but he held my hand and knocked me to the ground. I yelled for help and my workmate helped me to enter the salon but he followed me inside.”

Her workmates stopped the defendant who told them that he was not afraid of police.

“The man escaped and police were alerted,” the victim added. “I was taken to Rashid Hospital to treat injuries to my hands.”

Dubai Police apprehended the defendant who confessed to sexually abusing the victim, assaulting her and consuming alcohol.

The trial is adjourned until May 5.