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A Dubai court sentences two men to seven years in jail for killing a woman and stealing Dh400. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Two men have been sentenced to seven years in jail on charges of killing a woman and stealing Dh400.

According to Dubai Court of First Instance official records, the woman was found dead inside her apartment in Dubai's Naif area last August.

A policeman said the woman was stabbed in the chest and left bleeding in the apartment. Police identified the two men and arrested them as they were trying to escape from the country.

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The defendants admitted to stabbing the woman but claimed they didn’t intend to kill her. One of the defendants said that his friend was trying to have an illegal affair with the woman a day before the incident but she stole Dh200 from him and throw him out of her apartment.

A policeman said the defendant told him that he planned to take revenge and steal her money. The next day, two defendants went to the apartment while the third was waiting for them under the building. One of the defendants, who had lured the victim, waived a knife asking her for money and she gave him Dh400.

“He claimed that she managed to reach the window and was about to yell for help when they stabbed her in the chest. They stole the money, two mobile phones and escaped,” said the policeman in official records.