Dubai: A nurse has been accused of getting drunk, offending and belittling a policeman and filming him in a police station while he was recording her statement after a car accident.

A taxi driver was said to have been involved in a car accident in July before the 47-year-old Irish nurse alleged to the traffic police that she got injured in Al Barsha area.

The nurse walked into the police station and notified the traffic policeman, who was preparing the accident report, that she had been injured but she was told to get a medical report.

As she was asked to wait for the policeman to complete his procedures, the Irish woman, according to records, was reported to have gazed at the policeman’s belittlingly and spoke mockingly about him with her companion.

When the traffic policeman asked the woman to give him her papers, she refused, cursed loudly, filmed him with her mobile and walked out of the interrogation room.

The Irish woman, who turned out to be drunk, was asked to wait at the police station and legal action was taken against her.

Prosecutors charged the Irish suspect of belittling the policeman, calling him bad names and objecting to the procedures he was doing and filming him while she was drunk.

The 47-year-old suspect pleaded not guilty and refuted the charges when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

Meanwhile, her lawyer Awatif Mohammad, of Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants, produced a defence witness before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal. The witness [suspect’s niece] testified before presiding judge Jamal that her aunt did not curse or offend the policeman.

“I did not hear my aunt curse or offend the policeman. I was there in the ambulance being treated after the accident. She did not object on the policeman’s procedures and she did not look at him belittlingly. I saw her film him with her phone,” the defence testified as she responded to the questions of lawyer Mohammad and presiding judge Jamal.

The policeman claimed to prosecutors: “She belittled me and called me bad names. She also spoke jokingly about as she and her companion laughed. She tested positive to the breathalyser.”

The trial continues.